The story of Hand Crafted Kitchens is built on candour and craftsmanship

It all started with a genuine desire to bring forward high-end luxury kitchens, at low-end affordable prices.

Instead of placing a huge mark-up on the product just for being a bespoke item, using imported mdf carcasses from Asia or any other tricks that get played, we wanted to strip it right back to custom craftsmanship on UK soil.

We assembled a team of English craftsmen with passion and pride in their work, meaning our customers can buy directly from the skill source and as a result, enjoy enormous savings without compromising on quality.

Our highly-skilled team now manufacture and deliver over thirty kitchens a week to satisfied customers throughout the UK and further afield. We pride ourselves on being roughly 75% cheaper than similar quality products available from well known, expensively branded kitchen manufacturers.

This is what drives us.



Our cabinets are all hand made by English craftsmen. They are fully framed. We use dovetail and mortise and tenon joints.


We do not import pre-built carcasses from Asia. Our kitchen cabinets are hand crafted from start to finish in England.


We do not compromise on the quality of material or craftsmanship. The result is plain to see in every cabinet we supply.


If you can find the same quality English hand made kitchen cabinets at a lower price anywhere else we'll refund the difference