Need more answers?

Here are a few questions we get asked, but if you still can’t find what you’re looking for feel free to jump on the chat and one of our team can help.

Q. Are your cabinets bespoke?

A. Yes, all our products are bespoke. They are handcrafted and you can order them in any height, width and depth. We have over 200 cabinets in two different styles for you to choose from.

Q. Are your cabinets supplied fully assembled?

A. Yes, they come fully assembled. Unlike most providers, ours do not come flat packed as they are 100% handcrafted. They arrive fully built and ready for easy installation.

Q. Are your kitchens genuinely handcrafted or do you import pre-built carcasses?

A. All our kitchens, including the carcasses, are handmade in England. Every single element is created from the raw material and handcrafted into the final product in our workshop.

Q. Are your kitchens genuinely made in England?

A. Yes, we promise, they genuinely are! Unlike a lot of big name brands, we are 100% transparent and would never sell you a product from China with a ‘made in England’ sales pitch. Our kitchens are genuinely made in our UK workshop – come visit us!

Q. Do you have a showroom?

A. Yes, our showroom is situated at the factory in the beautiful town of  Ripley, Derbyshire and is By Appointment Only. We would be delighted to make an appointment for you so you can come and see the quality of our product and how it is made first hand.

Q. What plinth styles do you offer?

A. We offer four plinth styles: Planted, Framed A, Framed B and Recessed

Q. What cornice styles do you offer?

A. We offer four cornice styles: Curved, Traditional, Flat and Double Flat.

Q. Do you install the kitchen?

A. Unfortunately not, we only supply. As our cabinets come fully constructed you can either install the kitchen yourself, or instruct local fitters who will be able to do it easily for you. As the sides of our cabinets are finished you won’t need separate end panels. The cost of kitchen installation should not exceed 4 000, so even after the cost of installation is factored in, our kitchens still represent incredible value.

Q. Are your cabinets painted?

A. All our cabinets are supplied in a raw state ready to be painted, stained, oiled or waxed as you prefer. All high-end quality kitchens are painted after installation and our kitchens are no exception. Pre-painted or sprayed kitchens frequently chip before or during the installation process. Most of our customers like to have the opportunity to try different colour samples on their units once they are in situ, because ideas of colour preference can frequently change post installation.

Our customers either paint their own kitchens or instruct decorators to do it for them. The cost of hand painting a kitchen should not exceed £2 500 so even after the cost of painting is factored in, our kitchens still represent incredible value.

Q. Do you paint the interior of the cabinets?

A. No we don’t and we would not recommend that you paint the interiors, because they can scratch or become chipped very easily and no one wants to be stuck with a scruffy cupboard interior.

Q. What hinges do you offer?

A. We use only the best quality solid brass butt hinges in three varieties: Brass, Antique Brass or Chrome.

Q. What door catch options do you offer?

A. We offer Magnetic and Roller catches

Q. Do your prices include delivery?

A. No, all our prices exclude delivery to any location in mainland UK. Our standard delivery fee mainland UK is £350.00.  We can also supply prices for shipping to the Channel Islands, the Isle of Man and further afield.

Q. Will you export free of VAT?

A. Yes, if you are in an exempt location we will deduct the VAT. For example all exports to the Channel Islands are VAT free, however, local import duties are still applicable and will have to be paid.

Q. Are your cabinets guaranteed?

A. Absolutely! We have unwaivering faith in the quality of our product and offer a 10 year guarantee.