From Raw to Door

Congratulations and welcome to the raw to door revolution!

By choosing Handcrafted Kitchens Direct you’re buying straight from the manufacturer and in doing so, getting the best quality your money can buy. We sell handcrafted bespoke cabinets, delivered to you in their raw, uncoated, pure solid oak state, meaning all finishing touches are made on site so there’s no risk of scratching or chipping – just a perfect finish every time.

Our cabinets arrive as pre-built in-frame units, with all additions such as handles, glass, shelves, plinths, cornice, larder inserts and bins separate.  It’s all part of the journey from “raw to door”, bespoke in frame cabinets at the most affordable price.

Don’t forget that your bespoke hand crafted kitchen is built from the finest raw woods available. Raw woods are exactly that, so any damp or moist environments will lead to the cabinets warping. It is important that your bespoke kitchen delivers the look and feel the heart of your home deserves. To achieve this, one must prime the cabinets as soon as possible in order to seal the raw wood and the beautiful hand crafted finish is preserved for many years to come.

At Hand Crafted Kitchens Direct we know that your time is precious, so we can deliver your bespoke kitchen primed, so all that’s left to do is simply fit and paint your lifetime bespoke kitchen. When ordering your kitchen tick the ‘primed’ option and the cost will automatically be added to your quote.

Please remember, a qualified fitter must be used to fit your kitchen in order to validate all warranties, as they will be able to make any skilled adjustments which may be required to accommodate leveling in walls and floors, should that be necessary.