Style: HCKD has three styles, Marlborough, Winchester and Canterbury. Select the style that best suits the look of your home.

Wood: Three types of wood are available; Oak, Walnut or Chestnut.  Oak is the most affordable and lightest in colour.  Walnut is the darkest. Chestnut is our premium priced wood. Please remember that your drawers, trays, chopping boards and internals of all your cupboards will be made of the same wood.

Panelling: If you are having panelling done in your kitchen ensure that the wood chosen matches that of your panelling.

Hinges: Butt hinges are used on the doors and are available in five colours; chrome, stainless steel, brass, antique brass and brushed steel. When selecting your hinge make sure the colour you consider the other colours in the kitchen. Drawers are fitted with soft close hinges.

Handles: There is a large range to select from and a catalogue will be emailed to you. If you wish our designers to assist with this, we will gladly arrange it.

Cornice: No kitchen is complete without cornice.  Even if your cabinets extend to the ceiling,  cornice is required to complete the finish. There are four available styles, and again, our designers can assist you.

Door opening: Remember to specify which side the door hinges must be on.

Plinth: As with cornice, careful consideration will need to be given to the style of the plinth. There are two options; One on the outside of the cabinets and other being recessed.

Bespoke: All cabinets are bespoke so all requests can be quoted on.  No job is too difficult.

Delivery: delivery will be within 6 WEEKS of receipt of the deposit. It is important to be aware of your timelines, to make sure your kitchen is installed to plan.