Measurements: HCKD solid timber furniture is delivered fully assembled. Each cabinet or unit is built with a 40mm carcass to support it.  When ordering a 600mm wide cabinet, please remember that 80mm’s will be used by the frame and hence the door size will be 520mm.

Height: Base units are normally 870mm with 30mm allowed for kitchen tops.  So 900mm is the standard height.   Wall units are normally placed 500mm above the work top.

Alignment of height: To ensure a professional fit and look, wall units must end at the same height as that of your tall units.

Alignment of handles: Handles which are out of line with one another can ruin a kitchen’s look.  In some designs a ‘dummy drawer’ can be used to create the effect of aligned handles.

Spacing issues:  If after designing your kitchen there is a small gap at the end of a cabinet run, don’t worry, order a spacer.

Room features: Most kitchens have features such as windows or extractor fans.  Don’t forget to include these in your design.

Bespoke: Design the kitchen to suit your needs and dreams.  We will make it to fit.

Panels: ‘Shaker’ styles have panels as a design feature. On base cabinets there is one panel but on tall units it could be two or three.  Ensure that all your panelling aligns.

New/old appliances: If you are ordering new appliances, ensure sure you have their measurements so that the cabinets will fit, particularly if they are integrated appliances.  Old   appliances must also be measured carefully to make sure they fit into ordered cabinets.

Electrics and plumbing: Be aware of where you will require power, waste and water in your kitchen.  Remember to have an electrical and plumbing  plan drawn up. Do not forget your island, ceiling or cabinet lights.

Building: We will give you a quote before you build, and then finalise all measurements after your building is completed.

Space: Space optimisation is the key to a great kitchen.  Check that all doors and drawers can open and that there is enough walking room around the island.

Door opening: Doors open either to the left or right, pay special attention here as it could mean that you close off necessary passage ways or can’t open other cabinets or drawers.

Sinks: These can be top or under-mounted and also single or double.  Remember they are different widths and will require different cabinets.

Health and safety: Consult your local guide on the regulations that govern the proximity and configuration of electrical and plumbed appliances.

IF ALL ELSE FAILS: Submit your measurements and ideas to us and our team of designers will design your kitchen for you absolutely free.